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There’s a football tournament going on here in this town.

top: my new friend Trevor and my father

below: dad, me, Trevor
watching the game

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femfuss asked: How did u start your locs they are beautiful. I'm going my hair out to start my locs again because I want them thick. I know you have a short statement under your FAQS tab. However I wanted to know if you would provide more details. Thanks

thank you :)

please refer to the question below

Anonymous asked: Hey Courtney, I saw your piece on BGLH and really liked your personality and your hair! I read your FAQs so I apologise for repeating the same questions but how did you get your hair to initially hold in those finger coils? Did you use gel or twist the ends of your hair? All the youtube tutorials on finger curls only show tiny coils so I'm really curious as to how you did yours :)

hi :) thank you

no gels or anything just water and a little oil from time to time

I twisted them around my finger and wore bantu knots a lot in the beginning to kept them separated

I washed and just wet them a lot so my curls would expand and contract in and around each other

my locs formed pretty fast :)

Anonymous asked: How did you start ur locs? I'm so curious to know

finger coils and then I kept them in bantu knots to keep them separated :)

Anonymous asked: What is life when Courtneys not blogging?!! 😞


Anonymous asked: Happy Belated Birthday Courtney :). Sometimes we all go through depression. It could either be extreme or a mild case but it should never stop people from truly discerning right from wrong. A lot of times I was just wrong and manipulative. But, I'm learning now that it was apart of my growth story. You were apart of my growth story. I'm sorry for how I treated you. You were absolutely right. Self Love is important. I hope you can forgive me. Esther.

thanks deary :)

7thighs asked: Hey Courtney started following you because of your gorgeous locs. How did you start them? Natural or salon? Lemme know. Been thinking of locking my hair.

thank you

I started them by myself

kat-milk asked: does your whole family know about your relationship and sexuality?

some of them read my blog and they talk amongst each other so most of them may know idk

I haven’t volunteered the information but if they were to ask I wouldn’t deny it


lots of football being played down here

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Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people on this planet sweetmanipulations! ^_^


her voice, her brows, her lipstick, heeeeer πŸ™Œ

yesterday and today has been so stressful

In fact this entire past week has been stressful

a few days ago I had the genius idea to check to see if everyone’s passports were up to date and I discovered that my sisters just expired this past June. the last time she got her passport renewed, she was a child so this time around she had to apply for an adult pass. in person

we had already purchased our plane tickets so it was a race against time (and the government) to get everything in order before our flight tomorrow. multiple trains have been taken in and out of NY, lots of money has been spent, many lines have been stood in, and waiting rooms sat in

but thank God everything worked out

my summer wardrobe is cool and all here in the states but idk how it’ll translate in the Caribbean

def not typical vacay attire

I do not own anything colorful and or floral

I hardly own any prints