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Anonymous asked: Are you gay or bi?

I’m not sure.

Anonymous asked: I thought you were gay when I first started following you, which was before you were out. I think it was when you had a bf? Or it was some guy idk and you said you weren't into girls. So I just thought you were in the closet. You gave me a gay vibe tho idk why

Yeah? I get that fairly often.

Although I’m “out” I don’t think it’s obvious that I like women cause I’m not out here flicking my tongue out between my two fingers at women or yelling sbout my sexuality from mountsintops

So idk why so many more ladies step to me than men

Is there a “gay look”?

Idk if its because I’m out now or whatever but I’ve met a handful of lesbian and bisexual women over here

Its like there’s some type of gay gravitational force

princess Chelsea ❤️

princess Chelsea ❤️

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Jamaica Jamaica

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men yell Raaas!!! and Empress!!! at me too often here


Anonymous asked: I think I speak for everybody when I say WE MISS YOOUU :( when are u coming back ?

☺️ Monday afternoon

not so great things about me

• I’m an angry crier

• it’s hard for me to shake negative moods

• how I’m feeling shows all over my face

• I’m not great at pretending to care/not care when I really don’t/do (I guess this isn’t really a bad thing?)

• I worry a lot (about my future, about my relationships, etc..)

• I’m very particular and everything I do has to be done a certain way or I either start all over again or I give up and throw it out completely

• I always drive well over the speed limit


guinep eating


guinep eating


peace & love cuties 

oh my god 😩


i thoroughly enjoy being a Black Woman

still true

🙉🙊☺️ rawrawrawson I’m deeply flattered

thank you 😊

six recent selfies/cell phone portraits

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me this morning at about 4:30am