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Anonymous asked: Hey Courtney! I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to know if your latest shoes are Shoe Cult shoes and, if so, are their shoes good quality? Also, I'd like to ask about your lipstick application. Do you use concealer to get that perfect outline or you just apply it along your lip line? Thank you so much! :) xx (it's stillmyblog I'm just not logged in right now)

Hi :)

Are you talking about the black pointed ones? If so, no they’re not by Shoe Cult. They’re by Joe’s Jeans. Laney Suede d’Orsay pumps and they’re very well made.

As for lipstick application, I just follow the shape of my lips. No concealer.

crazy mess

crazy mess


ghxstfvcenigga asked: I love your hair.

thank you :)))

can Cid be my nickname please

I don’t have nicknames and I feel rather unloved 😭

affect and effect confuse me soo much

Anonymous asked: "how did you get people to read your blog?..." I agree Cid, and I think there are four ways to get popular on Tumblr: Be personal, have a main topic, be pretty, or post nudes. I've been a witness of all four and have seen success. The major success I've seen is of the "Main Topic" catergory. I can't remember the name right now but there is a blog I follow that has a main topic of Cyberpunk content. So Hollywood people called them to be an artistic director. Also Brandon of HONY. consistency=Key

true lol

being pretty is a big one

It’s very selfish to believe that what do and how you handle situations doesn’t affect the people around you and especially the ones who care about you.

proceed with caution when you come across a person who is always deleting stuff, cutting his/her hair off, getting new numbers, going into extreme solitary, etc every single time something bad happens in his/her life

when I first got onto this site, I was shocked and appalled by all the nudity

now I hardly even glance at all the naked bodies on my dash

I’ve become so desensitized, it’s wild

check yaasoulrebel on Instagram

she’s has no flaws
none whatsoever

but her lipsticks though 🙌🙌🙌
every shade is absolutely working for her

I aspire to get on her level

I shall up my lipstick game.

someone recreated my self portrait! I love it!

someone recreated my self portrait! I love it!

Anonymous asked: ooh can you tell us where you got the one-piece from? i've been looking for ages!

yeah me too but i’m not sharing publicly :)