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Anonymous asked: Were you at a wedding yesterday? I wanted to say hi, but you looked like you were having a good time on the dance floor & you looked gorgeous in your dress and heels.

I was :) thank you

I’m really curious to know who you are


Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day

she only lives an hour and thirty minutes away but with the way my parents have been making things difficult, she may as well live across the country

every single visit/date/outing has to be carefully planned and thought out around their schedule 


*rips locs out*

anyway, i saw her less than a week ago (we traveled to Afropunk together) but i’ve been really missing her so i decided that i’d drive over to surprise her with dinner

her face was priceless when she opened the door 

*sigh* this afternoon was great

earlier w/ iflovingyouwerewrong 



my friend invited me out and as soon as I considered going out, it started pouring so I know that was a sign to stay my ass home. Then I went to get the mail and came back in the house and my doorbell rang so naturally I thought it was the police, but guess who was at my door completely unannounced? Courtney. I don’t handle surprises well so I was shaking and fidgety, but excited nonetheless.

you were so cute ❤️

we’re opposites

she’s INTJ and I’m ESFP

i’ve never let out as many loud, shrill, blood curdling screams as I did just now

i didn’t think my body was capable producing such sounds

someone come take me away


i twisted my hair last night and i regret it

top five favorites:

• Aly

• guineps

• sour patch kids (specifically red)

• pineapple

• ferrero rocher

f r u s t r a t i o n

Anonymous asked: You are freaking cute:)

thank you 🙏



i recorded my friends grad party earlier this summer as a personal project but i never did anything with the footage

it was a fun, festive, African (specifically Kenyan) function so i’m thinking of putting this song in it as the background music

+ it’s one of her fav songs

okay now i’m inspired to make more clips 

i have some bits i’ve recoded during the summer

i should do something with it