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me all day today lol

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buutyeah asked: recommended music.?

make a SBTRKT playlist on pandora and youre welcome


You all do not understand how hard I’m swooning over courtneyindepths haircut and I haven’t even seen her in person yet

this makes me very happy ☺️❤️

thanks my love!

  • dad: what is this hat wearing business about?? I don't like seeing you wear those
  • me: ???????????????????????

Anonymous asked: what is your favorite outfit to wear what colors you wear alot what your favorite shoes where you shop at i like your style

well right now I wear my sweaters, my black midi pencil skirt or distressed denim pants, classic black docs or either one of my new balance 574 sneaks

my closet is filled with black, white, and gray pieces

three top shoes: docs, new balance 574s, classic converse

mostly thrift stores but sometimes Zara or American Apparel for quality basics

thank you

vivacious-suoicaviv asked: What inspired you to shave after 7months going strong wth your locs?


musicsincedecember asked: I like your cut, it brings out your face.

thank you deary :) I forgot I had eyes and cheekbones lol

Anonymous asked: The bone structure in your face is beautiful and is really highlighted now that you've shaved your head. You're gorgeous x

thank you so much 😊🙏

Anonymous asked: you look absolutely gorgeous with your head shaved! <3

🙏 thank you :)

my father has been trying to get me to go to church for months and when I finally show, he’s like “why did you wear those boots? never wear those here again.”

wait, what?

time to get my skin back to it’s original glory (when I was a newborn) because my face is all I have now


guys in all seriousness pray that when Alyssa wakes up and sees all the photos I sent her, she’s still attracted to me

prayer works 

guys in all seriousness pray that when Alyssa wakes up and sees all the photos I sent her, she’s still attracted to me

Anonymous asked: Omg how cool! What is your style??

idk lol kinda dark and shadowy

Anonymous asked: Ahh I love your (lack of) hair! I've always wanted to shave mine. What made you do decide to do it?

thanks deary tbh i haven’t been feeling like my best physical self lately

my locs were getting too long for my liking and i know i look and feel better with shorter hair

i literally decided like two hours ago to cut it and i figured why not rock a buzz cut for a while and here i am :)