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feeling so left out of this six selfie thing

Anonymous asked: man you dont even know how much i love seeing your posts. happily bucked up on you not too long ago :) btw your in my country ^.^ ! have fun. still love your hair. tun up. (side note: thanks for answering my loc question. bless.)

^_^ thanks love

more stuff

• there’s a drought going on here. the people tell me it hasn’t rained in like four months 😔

• I thought I’d get through this trip mosquito bite free but nah. today they decided to feast on me

• I don’t understand how there can be people living really well in a mansion and others barely scraping by in a shack right across the street. how is that possible

• these folk will set up giant speakers, cook food, pour the alcohol, and throw a party anywhere. in the streets, in your neighbors yard, at the shop round the corner, anywhere. bass at it’s deepest and volume at it’s highest. there’s one going on in the street next to our house and eyyyyy reggae time *wines*

I’m gonna do the six selfie thing when I get steady wifi again :) guitarsandcontrabandx

Anonymous asked: Hope you're feeling alright and safe soon. I'm sorry, it's very scary being around hate like that. Sending positive vibes your way~~~

thanks I’m fine :)

y’all know nothing bout this

y’all know nothing bout this

oh my goodness they really murder gay men over here

literally murder
chop up with a machete

murder 😥

highwaistedlife asked: So all your photos are taking with your camera? 😫 why am I the only one who sucks at capturing photos with my iphone

yeah all of the recent photos here on my blog have been taken with my iPhone :)

Anonymous asked: I just started my locs 2 days ago doing the 2 strand twist method. I just wanted to know if and when I should take them out, and how long until they loc. I have really tight and kinky hair. Sorry if this is too specific lol.

usually when ppl start their locs with two strand twists, they don’t take them out

leave it alone and in a year or two, the demarcation line between the two strands will fade away

I don’t know how long it will take to loc

everyone is different and it depends on the technique you started with, your hair texture, how you maintain it, the width or your locs + other factors

just keep them clean and be patient ❤️

yesterday ❤️

yesterday ❤️

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yesterday at Little Ochie

• palm trees
• black sand
• dad’s silhouette
• sister looking out at the beach enjoying the breeze
• birds hovering
• me

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so far..

• Jamaican men/boys are not afraid to approach a woman and make their intentions fully known. I’ve gotten propositioned out in these streets many times

• I keep forgetting to travel with floss and spend way more time picking mango strings out of my teeth than actually eating them

• guinpes guineps guineps!

• I easily get carsick so I’ve been sitting in the passenger seat of my dads rented car for the entire trip so far. the country roads are soooo twisty and plagued with potholes. it helps to see where I’m going going so my stomach is a little more prepared for the all turns

• everything tastes better here than they do in the states

• my hair has been described as “boss” and “bad” A LOT

• here in the country where my dad is from, edible things grow everywhere. last week my sister, my friend Flo, and I went to one of the towns football games (aka soccer) and got hungry so we picked mangos from the trees near the field and ate those while watching the game. there have been countless times where we were hiking through the bush or walking down the road and picked random fruits to eat

• so many beautiful brown individuals out here. goodgawd

• I miss Alyssa

There’s a football tournament going on here in this town.

top: my new friend Trevor and my father

below: dad, me, Trevor
watching the game

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femfuss asked: How did u start your locs they are beautiful. I'm going my hair out to start my locs again because I want them thick. I know you have a short statement under your FAQS tab. However I wanted to know if you would provide more details. Thanks

thank you :)

please refer to the question below

Anonymous asked: Hey Courtney, I saw your piece on BGLH and really liked your personality and your hair! I read your FAQs so I apologise for repeating the same questions but how did you get your hair to initially hold in those finger coils? Did you use gel or twist the ends of your hair? All the youtube tutorials on finger curls only show tiny coils so I'm really curious as to how you did yours :)

hi :) thank you

no gels or anything just water and a little oil from time to time

I twisted them around my finger and wore bantu knots a lot in the beginning to kept them separated

I washed and just wet them a lot so my curls would expand and contract in and around each other

my locs formed pretty fast :)