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the only photo that was takenmust’ve been fun

the only photo that was taken

must’ve been fun

that event reminded me of huge washing machine

all the bodies were moving in the same direction and I was swept up in a cycle of sweat, vomit, and dreadlocked men

esus4 asked: Oh, so what kind of question do you not answer?

questions I just don’t feel like answering

mostly from rude and/or invasive anons

or repetitive questions or ones that require a long winded answers

or questions from anons that I’d rather not answer publicly

and if people catch me on a day where I just don’t feel like answering questions, I won’t



xotilifeelmybones asked: Have you ever had like a septum piercing? Like idk why but I just thought it would really suit you like it would compliment your prettiness xx

I have a fake nose ring that I pop in from time to time but I’d never get any real piercings

ambushed my father

ambushed my father

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, I didn't word the first part of the question right. What I was trying to ask is whether the shoes in your most recent post (sitting on your new [beautiful!!!] rug) are Shoe Cult shoes! But thank you for answering fully though. Have a great day!

Oh ok they aren’t by Shoe Cult either! (I need to google Shoe Cult because I have no idea who or what that is btw)

They’re Timo Weiland for Tsbo shoes. Markov high Heels in slate. They’re about $130.

I’m going to a Carribbean party tonight and I have no idea what to wear.

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is nosy but why did you leave Tumblr?

for those 24 hours? lol

just to clear my head
& I def meant up take a 30 day break but
I had some good news and cute photos I wanted to share and afterwards I was like screw this

I got a job during that time so I may need to do that more often



Nneoma & I

bri & Nneoma

joecine asked: its really nice that you reply to peoples questions :)

I do not reply to all of my messages but I reply to most ^_^

Anonymous asked: Hey Courtney! I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to know if your latest shoes are Shoe Cult shoes and, if so, are their shoes good quality? Also, I'd like to ask about your lipstick application. Do you use concealer to get that perfect outline or you just apply it along your lip line? Thank you so much! :) xx (it's stillmyblog I'm just not logged in right now)

Hi :)

Are you talking about the black pointed ones? If so, no they’re not by Shoe Cult. They’re by Joe’s Jeans. Laney Suede d’Orsay pumps and they’re very well made.

As for lipstick application, I just follow the shape of my lips. No concealer.