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Webster Hall babyyy!!!

Anonymous asked: GIRLL!!!! Where did you get those thick heels ????!!!!! Can you say H O T ! Rasssssssssssss!

thick heels?

my hobbies include thirst following good looking folk on this here site



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blackbeatnik asked: what's loc brushing?

brushing ones locs

Google can explain it in detail better than I can :)

ursothotful asked: Hope someone's telling you you're beautiful every day omg

not exactly everyday lol

thank you 🙏

Anonymous asked: What you feel about teenagers on the internet twerking and getting half naked ?

I don’t feel anything about it

Anonymous asked: Where do you get your waist beads from?

I make them

Anonymous asked: I have seen you EVERYWHERE I go on tumblr ! I never stopped on your page before.. but today I decided to. You cute !

thank you ☺️🙏

Anonymous asked: Your bone structure is so lovely!

thank ya :)

Anonymous asked: Your hair is looking amazing. I'm enjoying the progress its making.

thank you :)

1am wavey locs

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i didnt get any darker (  -_-)

I don’t think my parents get that if it wasn’t Alyssa, it would likely be another woman

i cannot wait until my hair matures more so i can start loc brushing